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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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developing news tonight a murder suspect opens fire on bay area law enforcement officers. good evening everybody i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. in the last half hour we learned that the suspect that
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has been hiding out in the woods illuding authorities for more than a month opened fire on officers. eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: i just walked out of a briefing a little more than an hour ago. at this hour, investigators don't know if he was tracking officers. they say he fired first. aaron vasler had the same kind of assault fire weapon when he started shooting at three members of the special unit from the alameda police department. >> as the team was performing their task they came under fire. from a suspect they could identify was vascler. >> reporter: tom almond said the 35-year-old vascler used a
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military tactic, flanking the officers. briefly disappears and reappearing on the other side of the officers. >> the investigation is very clear. that there were three acts of attempted murder that -p had today on three peace officer -- that happened today, on three peace officers. >> reporter: this whole community of fort bragg has been frustrated during the 34 man hunt after authorities say shot and killed two people including jerry mela. they don't believe vas her has been getting help from the outside the sheriff made this request to his family. >> if they want him to surrender safely, if they want him to have his day in court. i am just a phone call away. >> reporter: and the sheriff's office actually put out a reverse 911 call to warn people in the area today to take shelter in their homes while this was audiotape happening -- while this was all happening. i am being told the deputies
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are doing okay today. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you the latest on air and on a 911 o 911 operator took a call from a paraplegic because his bed was on fire and needed help. one firefighters was burned on his hands and face. >> the firefighter who was burned could only pull him out to a certain distance before the room suffer add flash over as they were leaving the room. that caused more burning to our firefighter as well as the victim. >> reporter: the victim was eventually pulled out by another firefighter. he is now at kaiser vallejo. his name has not been released. the injured firefighter is being treated at the burn center at st. francis in san francisco.
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a large house fire is keeping fire fighters busy in napa. we just spoke to firefighters who said the fire just opened in flames. we first showed you these pictures live a few hours ago on bay area news at 7:00. authorities tell us that the unique architecture of this three bedroom floor has made it difficult for them to put out the fire. they say they are expecting the entire house to be a loss. no one was hurt. it appears part of the home was under construction and noen one was in the building where the fire started. oakland invest investigators are trying to determine if a black plume of smoke was danger. amber lee has been asking questions about the toxicity and how the fire started. >> reporter: it's one of those
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pile that is caught on fire. we arrived minutes of the fire starting. huge columns of smoke billowed out from the yard of snitser field. a strong odor that stung lingered in the air. you didn't have to be close to see and smell the smoke. >> intense stench of burning plastic. >> it was fairly strong. and we -- i was looking around to see what building it was coming as opposed to some where in the horizon. >> reporter: john berkeley works outdoor several blocks away from jack lyndon square. he says the large plume of smoke brought concern. >> i hope i'm not harmed by this. >> reporter: it's likely a battery left in a junk car that started the fire. two dozen firefighters put out the fire. firefighters told us only a small amount of material burned
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and that the heavy smoke was deceptive. >> the smoke was impressive. it almost becomes impressive because we put watt every on water -- water on it. >> no shelter in place was called. >> if there is any significant concern for toxicity. we let that out using the press. i contacted the company's headquarters in portland but did not receive a response. a worker told me there were dozens of reports here at the time but no one was injure. reporting live here in west oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now in april of 2010 there was a similar fire at snitser steal it looked very much like today's fire. it started by spontaneous combustible and scrap metal. officials tell us they respond to fires there about once every
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year. a massachusetts man was indicted today in connection with an alleged terror plot using remote control planes. 26-year-old reswan vertis planned to fly two planes into the pentagon and u.s. capital. then with others open fire on people fleeing the buildings. one military analyst says the attack would have been difficult to carry out. >> they probably could have killed five or 10 people at the most. but the fact is he would have to be at a very good vantage point and it was a lot more complicated than he thought. >> reporter: prosecutors say verdaus was inspired by al- qaida. they said he was closely monitored by agents before being arrested in massachusetts. the opportunity to get this property for no cost will
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create any where from 6,000 to 9,000 perm innocent jobs. >> reporter: the alameda naval air station was closed 14 years ago. the navy had wanted $108 million for the property. now the obama administration has agreed to give the land to alameda for free. the first 180 acres will be transferred to the city in june. the navy will continue to pay for any information environmental clean up. a jury had determined that it will city of mill valley was responsible for a landslide that killed mike murphy. if victim's widow and daughter will now split $4 million. a shut down of the federal government was averted today by just three members of the house. in a procedural move they
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passed a bill to keep the government running until tuesday. only three were needed because congress was on vacation and party leaders agreed. when members return they'll have to vote on another stop, gap bill. that may spark another heated debate on government spending. scores of people marched this afternoon. a group called refund california organized the banks. in a release the group said today's action wrapped up a week long series of events calling on banks to help fix the housing situation and pay more taxes. bank of america is planning to start charging customers to use their debit cards in stores. ktvu's mike mibach says the bank's rational for the new $5 a month carjack. >> reporter: bank cards they are very familiar and easy to use.
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according to a press poll 2/4 of americans prefer to swipe with a debit card and not credit card. >> we should be able to treated like good customers. >> reporter: but many customers will soon pay the price. >> sounds like a rip off. >> reporter: starting next year, bank of america customers are going to be charged $5 a month for swiping the card. why the $5 fee? bank of america stands to start losing money start october 1st when new caps go into effect with how much credit cards can start charging customers. >> that's going to be capped down to four 44-cents saturday. not surprisingly it's being left up to the consumers to recoop the money. people who don't like this should send the clearest
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message possible to the bank and take their money to a better bank or credit union. >> reporter: fields says he won't be one of them. >> a bank is a bank you know what i'm saying. there's always going to be a fee. >> reporter: a b of a spokeswoman says the fee will only placed on people with basic bank accounts. in other words, those with modest bank balances. customers with other banks may get notices this month of new account management fees. the prospect of another bank fee sparked a backlash today on ktvu's facebook page. sarah says, seriously i think that it is ridiculous to have
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to pay to use our own money. tell us what you think on ktvu's facebook page. the results of an independent investigation into the crown beach drowning of an alameda man. the results and why they placed blame on bad city policies. you notice some changes today you're going to notice more changes tomorrow. i'll be specific, i'll ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it?
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new at 10:00, ktvu has antti attained a copy of an investigation of first responders who stood on the waters edge as they watched a man drowning. >> reporter: there have been some changes, take a look at this zodiac water rescue boat. last may the city did not have it now it does. that's one of more than a dozen recommendations i found in this independent review. >> i'm trying to deal with this, after all. i'm trying to get some understanding. >> reporter: understanding has been difficult for dolores
11:45 pm
barry. her foster son was 53 years old when he drowned as fire and police departments watched from shore. today we showed her a copy of the reports we attained. it criticizes the city for a break down in police and fire demand that day. miscommunication about resources and responsibilities, a lack of cross training and a lack of water rescue services. >> that day was not alameda's finest hour. there should be no excuses about it. alameda's new city manager john russo was appointed several weeks after zack's drowning. he says since the drowning he's ordered the purchase of several water rescue boats and hopes to have more. >> an island city has to have a water rescue capability. >> reporter: the result did not fault the first responders for staying on shore. the report did issue 14
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recommendations including better resources and financial report for water rescue services. barry's hope -- >> to have these people straighten up their act. >> i can assure you city hall takes this very seriously. we will not have a repeat of this incident. the city council will consider the report recommendations when it meets on october 11th. reporting live in alameda, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. we have posted that full report on our website. read it for yourself in the right now section at a power outage in west oakland this afternoon caused quite a disruption. pg & e says the outage occurred at about 4:30 this afternoon and lasted until 6:15 this evening. it appears to have been caused when a car crashed into a utility pole. the outage also impacted b.a.r.t. service at the west oakland station. trains were stuck there which caused problems during rush hour. b.a.r.t. issued a system wide alert
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reporting major delays in all locations for trains traveling through the station. b.a.r.t. says operations started to return to normal at about 7:00 this evening. >> pg & e said a fire in one of its underground vault caught on fire. 280 customers are still on a back up generator tonight until repairs are completed. there's no word yet on how long that might take. san francisco police say they've gotten a break from the case of a cook who was shot and killed in the mission district. the cool was shot while taking a smoking break early on august 30th. police today say they arrested a 15-year-old alleged gang member who is already in custody on an unrelated case. police say it appears to be a case of mistaken identity. the fbi is joined antioch police now in searching for a gang of costume wearing armed gunmen believed responsible for
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a series of robberies. they hit a food max store early wednesday morning when a gunman fired into the ceiling. 90 minutes after that the gunmen hit a mini part at a valero. on tuesday morning a similar trio of masked again men stormed a 7/11. a member of the hell's angel is being mourned tonight after he was shot and killed in a nevada casino last weekend. rita williams went to the clubhouse in san jose where friends are remembering their leader as a jokester who loved life. the flag is flying half staff as mourners are remembering the life of their leader. >> he will be very missed. petegrew was a fantastic hell's
11:49 pm
angel and fantastic friend. >> reporter: steve barrett showed us pictures of his one legged father of two friend. >> i think everybody is up to no good when that's not the truth -- they think everybody is up to no good when that's not true. >> security video at the casino shows rival motorcycle gang member ernesto manuel gonzalez from san jose was seen shooting petigrew four times. >> if he wants to turn himself in, he can turn himself in.
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>> reporter: the best thing for everybody will be for the suspected killer to be behind bars before the hell's angels president is buried here next month. rita williams, ktvu news. a minor 3.3 magnitude earthquake rolled beneath the bay area this afternoon. it was centered just west of regional park in the oakland hills. no reports of injuries or damage. a natural gas leak today in pleasant hill forced people from their homes and from three schools. started about 2:30 this afternoon near ruth and vickings drive. pg & e said a crew hit a 3-inch gas line. police evacuated the neighborhood along with valley view middle school, college park high school and the diablo valley college. the leak was stopped and the evacorder called off around 4:00 this afternoon. repairs are expected to continue throughout the night. a big drop off in
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temperatures today. these were the highs from today. a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler in some places than what it was yesterday. we had a spare the air day yesterday. today we had brisk on shore winds. fog at the coast and temperatured plummeted. poor visibilities down to a less than a quarter mile in some places. the computer model fog forecast for tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. that gets everybody. that's fog in most of the bay area counties. santa clara county you get a bit of a break. but you're going to wake up cloudy in parts of the bay area. back here at 10:45, we're looking at the five day forecast with your weekend in view. in that five day forecast i have some rain. we'll see you back here. she survived a gunman's rampage. >> i will never forget that day. i mean i know every line on his face. a national guard member speaks openly about a deadly attack inside an ihop and what
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
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another bay area soldier has died fighting in afghanistan. 21-year-old army specialist garrett gant was both from american canyon and tahoe. his family tells ken pritchett they always knew that he was going to be in a military because what he used to do in front of the mirror. >> reporter: it was in this home where garrett fant grew up but he was test was destined to leave. >> i would catch him in front
11:55 pm
of the mirror saluting, calling attention. just doing all he needed to do once he got in. he was dedicated. >> he did what he wanted to do. you know he went and fought for this country and as far as his uncle goes, i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: he died monday from injuries from an improvising device. fant joined the army in march of 2009 and served with the first infantry division. this was his first deployment. >> i was proud of him going in. the only thing i didn't like the war going on. i was glad he was able to serve. >> reporter: fant graduated from valley oak high school in napa when asked about his childhood his family says they wanted to focus on his time and service in the army. >> it's a big accomplishment for him. >> reporter: the fant family has yet to arrange for a memorial. they just returned from
11:56 pm
delaware as the army held a service as his remains were brought home. more than 1,700 americans have died fighting the war in afghanistan. another 4,400 u.s. men and women have lost their lives in iraq. chilling new information about that deadly attack inside an ihop in carson city. one of the survivors says she saw the gunman smiling while he was shooting. >> i will never forget that face. i know every line in his face because he's in my dreams. i see him all the time. >> reporter: she was shot in the foot. doctors say she will walk again but with the help of a cane. kelly says she remembers trying to use a table at a shield. she says that she turned to help sergeant jeremy mock who was trying to put a tourniquet on his own bullet riddled arm. >> i told him, look at me, i
11:57 pm
know they're dead but you need to focus. don't cry. you need to help me with my tourniquet. it was those words that snapped me back in. >> she said it was a tremendous relief hearing the sounds of sirens and police moments later. the area is to be fogged is bordered on the north by willow pass road and to the south on clayton road. fogging was done in another part of concord. in both cases officials report a large number of mosquitoes and west nile virus has been detected in the area. you can say he did it on a whim. the important decision governor arnold schwarzenegger is admitting he made just moments
11:58 pm
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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new at 10:00, one week after facebook changed the home pages of its 800 million users a complaint has now been filed with the government. lloyd lacuesta is at facebook headquarters in palo alto where he says his concern is how much of your information is being gathered and distributed. >> reporter: 10 public interest groups including the privacy center and the aclu are asking the federal trade commission toinvestigate facebook. the allegation is that users are being tracked even after they log off facebook. >> that just raises the cloud of distrust. the facts that they're tracking their users and reporting that back even we know the users think they're not been tracked. >> time line is the story of
12:01 am
your life. it has three pieces. all your stories, all your apps, and a new way to express who you are. >> reporter: just last week the founder of facebook announced new features which the critics say boost privacy risks. facebook's spokesman says quote there was no security or privacy breech. facebook did not store or use any information it should not have. >> i think facebook and the whole internet in general is very dangerous for privacy and being able to manage somebody's -- you own identity. >> reporter: facebook makes money by providing personal information to advertisers. so no one should be surprised when they use the server and use a computer program called
12:02 am
cookies to track you. >> i think everybody is up in arms but you have the right to not use it. >> when you have a specific tool that's reporting back to other people what it is you're doing, yet probably there should be a way that you can turn it off and know that it's turned off. in this case that wasn't happening. >> reporter: in the end this complaint will result in new regulations governing social media internet companies. live in palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. we're learning that arnold schwarzenegger changed his mind at the last minute on one of his most important decisions. arnold schwarzenegger promoted his run for governor. he told vanity fair quote i just thought this will freak everyone out he says.
12:03 am
it'll be so funny. i will announced i was running. i announced i was running on jay leno and was governor a month after. the dow started the day up 200 then fell back into negative territory before rallying. the dow is up 143 points the nasdaq was off 10. the labor department reported 391,000 new unemployment claims being filed last week. that might sound like a lot but it's actually 37,000 fewer than the previous week. and the lowest amount since april. however it still wasn't enough to budge the unemployment rate from 9.1%. economists are also taking a wait and see approach before declaring this the start of a trend. hewlett packered ceo is being the well compensated
12:04 am
before he leaves office. the during his 11 month tenure hp lost about $40 billion. the new ceo meg whitman gets $1 a year in salary plus stock objection, hp chairs and a target bonus of almost $2 million. supervisors want to crack down on problem parking lots in the city, the issue is violence in popular night life neighborhoods like north beach. people looking for trouble are drawn to the crowds and excitement especially on the weekend. >> if they have weapons or anything in the cars, they would also go to the car and drink in the car. they smoke or whatever is going on mostly goes to the parking lot. >> reporter: supervisors will consider legislation next week that would require better lighting. a mandatory security guards. a key witness in the trial
12:05 am
of michael jackson's doctor testified today. adam housley tells us what jackson's bodyguard also saw when he first entered jackson's bedroom. >> reporter: alberto alvarez taking the stand in the manslaughter case against dr. conrad murray. alvarez describing what the king of pop looked like when he entered the bedroom. >> he was laying on his back with his armed up. i observed his eyes were open and his mouth was open. >> reporter: dr. murray was kneeling over jackson trying to revive him. >> he was giving chest compressions in this manner. >> reporter: but before dialing 911 the doctor gave him another task. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of viles and he reached out to me and said, here take these in a bag. >> reporter: murray also says that dr. murray gave him
12:06 am
another bag. >> does this accurately represent what you saw hanging from the iv stand? >> yes, sir. >> the proposition is using the testimony to argue murray delayed calling 911 in order to cover up the evidence he was giving jackson propophol. when asked why he did as murray asked him he responded -- >> i believed he was doing what was best for mr. jackson. i thought we were getting ready to go to the hospital. >> what has growers rushing to meet a deadline that's just days away. back here in 10 minutes, a
12:07 am
five day forecast that shows some
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12:09 am
grape growers in wine country are hurrying to harvest this year's crop before a cold rain comes that's in the forecast for next week. rain can trigger fungal disease or cause grapes to break. growers must also take into consideration that different grapes ripen at different times and they want to pick each at
12:10 am
its peak. the romaine lettuce was shipped to oregon. it was in washington state that a random test turned up positive for listeria. >> it was a total of 90 cases immediately we called the retailer and told them to take it off the shelf. >> so far no one is reported sick and none of the lettuce was distributed here in california. this lettuce recall is completely separate from an outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe in colorado. that outbreak has killed nine people. the elderly, young children, pregnant women and anyone with a compromised
12:11 am
immune system are the most susceptible. a jury ruled that a fine on pg & e for an explosion was not enough. today the judge recommended pg & e pay 38 million instead. the pipe pg & e installed was not approved for gas usage. the fire started yesterday and took 35 hours to put out. shell is shutting town the entire refinery. it produces about a half million gallons of oil per day. analysts say this could trigger a jump in oil prices. in libya, four republican u.s. senators visited tripoli today. it was the most prominent american legislation in the capital since the fall of gadhafi. arizona senator john mccain
12:12 am
said libyan's revolutionary are an inspiration to the entire world. he also expressed concerns about the proliferation of armed groups. a rocket took off to space. an 8-ton module is to be placed. china's plans call for construction on the actual space station to begin in the year 2020 and they said it should take about two years. she watched as her daughter was struck by ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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12:15 am
hit and killed by a car in palo alto talked to robert handa today about seeking relief and justice and why this sunday is going to be especially difficult. >> reporter: family and friends of the zamora family plan to gather to remember the birthday of little ziereli. she was hit in a crosswalk on bay street. her mother guadalupe told me she could not have made it without the all the emotional support. >> i'm very sad, very unhappy. my daughter is not here with us no more. i really appreciate everybody coming out to me to reach me and may god bless everybody. >> reporter: but guadalupe is also angry about what happened. she say it is driver 49-year- old felica parker a local teacher never slowed down.
12:16 am
and guadalupe is upset that police released parker so quickly. she says she has hired a lawyer and planning to sue the city if as she puts it there is no justice. >> i want there to be justice because that was my daughter and i don't want this to happen the to any other family. she's in a better place. but i would love to have justice because that was a little girl. she didn't deserve that. >> reporter: we were not able to reach felicia white parker. the school district says she is on administrative leave. we have new video tonight of a shooting in san francisco's bay view district. a ktvu camera was already on the scene when a young womb woman collapsed on the scene. he was shot several times but the wounds do not appear to be life threatening. this all happened shortly after 9:00 near third and revere.
12:17 am
the gang task force was called to investigate. the victim was sent to the hospital. so far no word of any arrests. a federal appeal released two lawsuits. both lawsuits challenge the policy don't ask don't tell. the lawsuit says the bills were mute saying there's nothing to debate. san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass festival sounded its opening notes today. >> ♪ yeah that's mc hammer he kicked things off to the delight of 6,000 school kids from san francisco. the festival rans through the weekend and is expected to draw about 800,000 people to golden
12:18 am
gate park. the festival sponsor warren bailey sponsors the concert. and says he doesn't want to annoy neighbors. >> it doesn't go on till 9:00 or 10:00. >> the hardly bluegrass festival does not get as many complaints because the festival feature targets an older demographics. out by pittsburgh we had a gust to 26 miles per hour that's due west. you have a big wind like this up by fairfield. we have gusts to 17 and so what you're seeing is a big westerly push of moist marine air. cooling, cleaning the atmosphere, dropping fire danger significantly as we go into the next couple of days. low clouds and fog already
12:19 am
making their way into many bay area weekends. the cooling started today in a big way. it continues tomorrow, not in such a big way but a few degrees. right into the bay area week weekend. out in the pacific it looks like this. this looks like november, doesn't look like october or september. late september any way. and so we've got a couple of these lined up out there. cooling for friday and saturday. as we get into next week into monday night, tuesday and wednesday. it looks like it's going to break. it looks like the real deal. it looks like places could use some rain. lots of leaves coming down. that's next week. this is all building to that. to break down that big summertime ridge of high pressure you have to have a little bit of these systems moving through. the cooling couldn'ts. the fog burns right back. it's staying at the coast but
12:20 am
look how how much cooler it is now. we're looking at lots of 70s and 60s around the bay. 76 in vallejo, 72 in napa. 78 in livermore. as we move into fall here things are really starting to change around. you will notice it. i know you noticed it. we look at last sunday. you're going to notice a big change it's going to feel like winter or at least fall. this weekend into next week you're going to think wow summer is over. you're just going to know it. the five day forecast then with your bay area weekend in view. here is what we see with this. if we get a nice rain event that's fantastic news for fire season which is as light as a northern california season i can remember. for the grape growers they are scrambling right now. they do not want this rain. >> thanks, bill. private rocket company space x announced plans today to build a fully reusable
12:21 am
rocket. unlike the space shuttle which glided back to earth space x says it is designing a vertical rocket which will launch back to land and land on legs. space eggs says it is confident it can do what neither nasa or other commercial rocket companies have been able to achieve. the number of asteroids the size of the one that likely killed the dinosaurs is smaller than once feared. nasa's iris satellite has found asteroids on earth.
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it's starting to look like a real windmill again. a week and a half ago we showed you the top cap being put on the golden gate park murphy windmill. we're following the progressful since then the crews restored the windmill to the structure. crews hope to have that windmill pumps water by next summer. now that the season is over for the giants and a east, you
12:25 am
see any big changes over the summer? >> 79 sell outs this year obviously a love affair between the giants and their fans but as the team picks it up, like in all relationships the bond to be tested for quite some time. everyone who follows the team pleading for management to bring in some big bats to beef up one of the most anemic line ups in baseball. sabien making it clear the giant's priority is still iffy. >> we have to decide how much years out we could go or would go with our pitching staff. we have to have a specific budget. because our relative payroll is not going to explode from year to year, being able to go up with one real significant acquisition. our pitching is going to get expensive that's the punch line
12:26 am
and we have to take care of that first. >> reporter: jump ahead to the weekend. you have the skeptics believing silver and black might be back to the business of winning. but the new england patriots of course tom brady coming in they present quite an obstacle. nobody would like to help slow down the quarterback more than richard seymore. he came to oakland from the pats. he knows where home is. >> i played with a lot of those guys and competed with them. we'll be on opposite sides of the ball. i developed a chemistry with my teammates here, i went to camp with these guys and saw how hard they work. so i'm all in it here. >> an ecstatic reminder hockey
12:27 am
is back. sharks with an exhibition game. eric bolcati one punch. brad winchester went down. but the rest of the night belonged to san jose on the ice as they beat vancouver. 3-0 the final. tomas gets 25 saves. it's just exhibition hockey but a shut out nonetheless. someone needs to take the ball for the white sox. words back from boston, manager francona might be on his way out. he meets with ownership and could come out of that meeting without a job. >> that was a brutal way to end the season. >> made you feel better if you were ao giant fan -- if you're
12:28 am
a giant fan. >> weren't they up by eight games. >> yes in september. >> ouch. whoa. you gotta be kidding!
12:29 am
you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast hardworking guys like you need. ...yeah. they're here! ladies, you have the right to remain sexy...


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